Partial Page Post-Back and The Property Proxy Validator – CTD

As a quick follow-up to this post, I disabled the PropertyProxyValidator on the RowUpdating Event Handler of the other control and it worked fine


        protected void GridViewFamily_RowUpdating(object sender, GridViewUpdateEventArgs e)


            PropertyProxyValidator propertyProxyValidator =

                GenericUtilities.FindAChildControl(this.DetailsViewInsertFamily, "PropertyProxyValidatorInsertPersonName") as PropertyProxyValidator;

            propertyProxyValidator.Enabled = false;




FindaChildControl is a just a recursive method to find a control on a web page:

        public static Control FindAChildControl(Control control, string controlId)


            Control targetControl = null;

            foreach (Control childControl in control.Controls)


                if (childControl.ID == controlId)


                    targetControl = childControl;


                if (targetControl == null && childControl.Controls.Count > 0)


                    targetControl = FindAChildControl(childControl, controlId);



            return targetControl;



The fact that I have to do this is very annoying – it adds more code to the project, therefore increasing the cost to develop and maintain it.  I noticed that the out of the box ASP.NET validators do not have this problem – they only fire when the control that they are associated is updating/inserting…   I would argue that the Ent Lib validators need to add this feature.


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