I started researching MVC this last week.  My 1st stop was the series of webcasts that are on the ASP.NET/MVC site.  For me, the best one so far has been the nerddiner.  I was surprised on how much of a convention curve there is for even a basic crud site: each controller having their own View folder, the index, Details, Edit, and Create for Gets and Posts.  Also, spending so much time in the HTML marketup seems to be a step backward. 


On the flip side, I love the prompt to add a test project when you create a new MVC project.  That is progress and shows how serious Microsoft has become about TDD techniques.  I have to believe there will be a mocking framework in the in the next release of VS (2013?).



Microsoft SDK

I went to install the most recent SDK on my development machine when I ran into this nugget on the install page.  Microsoft has 6 Billion in cash sitting around and they can cough up enough to make sure their SDKs don’t force a reinstall of VS2008?  The alternative does not include any of the speech SDK iteams.

MCPD 3.5 Enterprise

I passed the last of the 3.5 Upgrade exams today so I am officially a MCPD 3.5 Enterprise. 


Interestingly, the solution architecture part was fairly straight forward but the WCF piece was a real pain – they went into much more detail than I expected based on the study materials – they really want you to know exceptions (versus the rule).  Most of the scenarios they present I have not run across in the 5-6 WCF projects I have worked on in the last year or so.   Good luck to anyone else who takes it.

Up next?  I have the Swim Team Website (Dean is doing a great job with the MVC on it) so I can test a mocking framework and MVC & WCF/JSON.  Also, I have the RTOOT site I need to get back to.  Finally, there is this speech API with the phigits I have can’t wait to start.

Tune in next week for some code…

WCF Editor

I am wrapping up studying for my WCF Upgrade exam – I completed all of the labs in Microsoft learning and I am now building some Hello World projects to focus on specific areas for the exam.  I ran into an interesting problem.  I created a new solution with some class libaries in it and 1 console project to be my hosting application.  I did not used the WCF templates.  When I added an App.config to the Console applciation and right clicked on it, the WCF editor did not show up.  The project already had a System.ServiceModel reference.  I wonder what you need to do to have this editor show up in a project?  A quick glance through my solution and a parallel WCF-template generated solution did not reveal anything.
In related news to the labs – lab 6654 does not work because of SQL Server security permissions, 6659 does not work because of SQL Server security permissions (which is ok because that is the exception you are supposed to raise anyway), and 6658 does not work out of the box because they did not define the binding as duplex.  This can be fixed by changing the binding.