MCPD 3.5 Enterprise

I passed the last of the 3.5 Upgrade exams today so I am officially a MCPD 3.5 Enterprise. 


Interestingly, the solution architecture part was fairly straight forward but the WCF piece was a real pain – they went into much more detail than I expected based on the study materials – they really want you to know exceptions (versus the rule).  Most of the scenarios they present I have not run across in the 5-6 WCF projects I have worked on in the last year or so.   Good luck to anyone else who takes it.

Up next?  I have the Swim Team Website (Dean is doing a great job with the MVC on it) so I can test a mocking framework and MVC & WCF/JSON.  Also, I have the RTOOT site I need to get back to.  Finally, there is this speech API with the phigits I have can’t wait to start.

Tune in next week for some code…

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