MVC Storefront – Review

So I went through about 20 hours of the MVC Storefront found here.  For me, it started out well.  However, after episode #6 or so, there was little, if any, MVC being discussed.  Rather, it was about Mocking, CardSpace, etc…  If you want to learn MVC, you can watch the 1st 6 videos and be done.  The amuzing thing in the series is that Rob starts out welcoming people to comment but by the 10th episode he is saying things like "I am sure some of your wonks out there won’t like this but…"  I guess the lesson here is that be careful of what you wish for.
On a seperate tack, I cracked open
last night and went through the Apendix (Intro to Java Script) and Chapter 1.  It is well written, however I still am gasping at the complexity of JQuery/JavaScript for all of this client-side processing.  I still believe you start with an AJAX Update Panel and work out from there if the performance degrades or the user experience is not optimal.

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