Two Books and A Line Of Code

I finished two books over the weekend.   The first was ASP.NET MVC

written by Scott Gu and the gang.  The Nerd Dinner tutorial was helpful – at least the first 100 pages or so.  The mapping at the end was not really MVC specific (and does not work with MVC 2.0).  The best part for me was the chapters on Routing and Controllers – I have a much better understanding of MVC after going through those chapters.  Also, the security chapter was awesome – worth the price of the book for that chapter alone.

I also “finished” Agile Estimate and Planning. 

The takeaway that I got from it was a sentence in the first chapter – the plan is less important than the planning.  The rest of the book, complete with IRR and NOPV calculations, was a bit heavy for my taste.  I think there is a reason I prefer to read code than PM books…..

Speaking of which, did you know that there is not an out of the box way to change your password using the beginning ASP.NET project found in Visual Studio.  Do File -> New ASP MVC 2 application.  Note that there are is a view to change your password (ChangePassword.aspx). 


Press F5 to spin the site up and now try to change the password – nothing on the menu, nothing on the login/new user, nothing anywhere.  It is a small annoyance, I put this line of code in my LogonUserControl.ascx:

        [ <%= Html.ActionLink("Change Password","ChangePassword","Account") %> ]


At least they made the Views for us…

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