CSS gotcha when using VS2010 and IE

I ran into a frustrating gotcha when using VS2010 and updating my .css.

I created the following .css entry:

/* Hidden Column








I then implemented it in a basic MVC View:



            <th class="noDisplay">








    <% foreach (var item in Model) { %>



            <td class="noDisplay">

                <%: item.RegionID %>



                <%: item.RegionDescription %>




    <% } %>




I then spun up my site and started changing some things.  Interesting, every time I change a value in the .css, it was not reflected on the next spin up of the site.  Even if I closed the instance of Cassani running on the desktop, I was getting the same mysterious behavior.  After some frustrating experimenting (that you fiddler), I deduced that IE is caching the .css so as long as I was using the same url (localhost/xxx), the cached .css was being used – IE was not recognizing changes to the .css.  Ugh.

To get around IE’s limitation (perhaps there is also a setting – I haven’t checked yet), I changed the site address everytime.  How, you might ask?  Under Project Properities-> Web in VS:


Once I specified a different port for each run – IE would dedect a change in the address and re-load all of the filed – including the new .css.

For the record, this code

    <script type="text/javascript">

        function DisplayColumnIds() {


            $(".noDisplay:gt(0)").each(function () {

                var regionId = $(this).html();







Detected the hidden field like a champ


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