I installed TFS on my local machine for version control and build services.  I got the version control working fine – using a MAIN/DEV/PROD branching strategy.  The problem is setting up the builds.  I installed the Build Server and Agent no problem on the local machine.  Then wanted to associate current Team Project Collection to the Build Controller:


However, when I went to the Build Controllers – there is no button to add it to the available list.



I decided to stop – b/c I really don’t need CI for my local workstation but I was getting excited to alter the build steps using WF4.0 – just to see it in action.


Looks like you need to install the Build Controller BEFORE you create a Team Collection – there is no way to retro-add a collection to a controller?  I Binged the error and no one has answered it (yet).  I also tried to alter the properties of the Build Server in TFS Explorer and cannot alter the url:

Humm, perhaps an enhancement for later…

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