Carpool Project: Part #12

I am working though the basic CRUD of EF/Factory and I ran into an issue. I coded

1 public static void DeleteCarpool(Carpool carpool) 2 { 3 using (CarpoolEntities carpoolEntity = new CarpoolEntities()) 4 { 5 var carpoolToDelete = (from cp in carpoolEntity.Carpool_Carpool 6 where cp.CarPoolId == carpool.Id 7 select cp).First(); 8 9 carpoolEntity.DeleteObject(carpoolToDelete); 10 carpoolEntity.SaveChanges(); 11 } 12 } 13  


And I got the following error in my unit test:


I then realized I didn’t cascade the changes on the server. I thought EF handled that for me – I guess not. I changed it in SQL Server:


And things ran like a champ….

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