Carpool Project: Part #15

I finished the carpool website – here is a quick summary of things I learned:

· Unit tests can’t depend on db data – refactoring violate data sucks

· I need to refactor my Unit Tests

· I need to learn more about MVC gators

· I need to learn more on LINQ

· Flattened POCOs are not needed in MVC

I also realized:

· Only having 5-6 custom categories in Live.Spaces sucks

· You need unique names for your photos in Live.Spaces. I was overwriting earlier posts’ pictures when I added new posts that had the same picture name

My next project will be taking the carpool project and making it a WM application.

Note that my Live.Spaces blog was moved to WordPress in October.  The formatting was so screwed up I just re-published the content.  I am using Live.Writer with a couple of plug-ins – which works well enough.

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