Carpool Project: Part #6

I finished the factories and the POCOs. I made some changes that simplified the model some – I set up 7 factories for the non-flattened POCOs and 1 factory for a flattened POCO:


I will see if the other flattened POCOs are needed. With enough factories to make me dangerous, I then thought about how to organize the UI. Since this exercise is to help me work though the Architectual features of VS2010, I created an activity diagram based on some of the Use Cases:


Note how I started documenting business rules. I went back to the Task list for each activity and added both the data elements and the business rules:


I then have enough to launch a tracer bullet that matches how I want the home page to be. The challenge is that the home page will actually show 2 independent grids that use different data elements:

· A list of all practices without a carpool

· A list of all carpools

I don’t know the best way to implement this in MVC. In prior projects, I had 1 controller for the page that handles the “primary” data elements and then some AJAX calls to dynamically populate the remaining grids. Another possible way is to have the page be a composite of 2 independent User Controls. A final way is to have the page controller’s model collection just include both data element sets and refer to each in the collection.

I had already tried Option #1 on a different project and found that it requires too much JavaScript code. I then explored Option #2. I set up my MVC’s project controllers to match the domain model like so:


I then tried to wire up some User Controls for each of the controllers that I could then combine on the Default page. I quickly learned that MVC2 User Controls Are not well supported in the MVC community (30 minutes of Bing/Google/MSDN searches did not give me a specific example of MVC2 User Controls tied together in 1 page). I also realized that I was taking a “bottom-up” approach.

I then revamped my project to take a “top-down” approach. Incidentally, this option seems to be the “happy path” for MVC2. I removed all of the POCO controllers:


And then added the POCOs that I want on the main page to the ViewModel Collection:

1 public ActionResult Index() 2 { 3 ViewData["Message"] = "Welcome to ASP.NET MVC!"; 4 ViewData["CurrentCarpoolSummaries"] = CarpoolSummaryFactory.GetCurrentWeekCarpoolSummaries(); 5 ViewData["UncoveredPraciceSummaries"] = PracticeSummaryFactory.GetCurrentWekUncoveredPracticeSummaries(); 6 7 return View(); 8 } 9  

And then wired up the UI:

1 <table> 2 <tr> 3 <th> 4 Id 5 </th> 6 <th> 7 Day 8 </th> 9 <th> 10 Date 11 </th> 12 <th> 13 Description 14 </th> 15 <th> 16 Pracitce(s) 17 </th> 18 <th> 19 Driver 20 </th> 21 <th> 22 Swimmer(s) 23 </th> 24 <th> 25 Remaining Seats 26 </th> 27 </tr> 28 29 <% foreach (Com.Tff.Carpool.Domain.CarpoolSummary carpoolSummary in ViewData["CurrentCarpoolSummaries"]) 30 { %> 31 32 <tr> 33 <td> 34 <%: carpoolSummary.Id%> 35 </td> 36 <td> 37 <%: carpoolSummary.DayDescription%> 38 </td> 39 <td> 40 <%: carpoolSummary.CarpoolDate%> 41 </td> 42 <td> 43 <%: carpoolSummary.CarpoolDescription%> 44 </td> 45 <td> 46 <%: carpoolSummary.PracticeDescription%> 47 </td> 48 <td> 49 <%: carpoolSummary.DriverDescription%> 50 </td> 51 <td> 52 <%: carpoolSummary.SwimmerDescription%> 53 </td> 54 <td> 55 <%: carpoolSummary.RemainingSeats%> 56 </td> 57 </tr> 58 59 <% } %> 60 </table> 61  

I ran into this problem:


It looks like I need to cast it via the page Inherits method – but I have multiple datasets. I tried ignoring the error – hoping that the object resolves at run time. No such luck:


So I went back and casted the model into the proper type:

1 <% foreach (Com.Tff.Carpool.Domain.CarpoolSummary carpoolSummary in (System.Collections.Generic.List<Com.Tff.Carpool.Domain.CarpoolSummary>)ViewData["CurrentCarpoolSummaries"])


1 <% foreach (Com.Tff.Carpool.Domain.PracticeSummary uncoveredPracticeSummaries in (System.Collections.Generic.List<Com.Tff.Carpool.Domain.PracticeSummary>)ViewData["UncoveredPraciceSummaries"])

And boom goes the dynamite…


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