Carpool Project: Part #9

I started with the View a bit more and I ran into an issue that cuts to the heart of D3 and SOC. On my Carpool page, I want a grid of all practices that are associated with the car pool (usually 1, but could be more). In the view, I wrote this (headers omitted for brevity):

1 <% foreach (Com.Tff.Carpool.Domain.Practice practice in Model.Practices) 2 { %> 3 <tr> 4 <td> 5 <%: practice.Id%> 6 </td> 7 <td> 8 <%: practice.Date%> 9 </td> 10 <td> 11 <%: practice.DryLandIndicator%> 12 </td> 13 <td> 14 <%: practice.EndTime%> 15 </td> 16 <td> 17 <%: practice.StartTime%> 18 </td> 19 <td> 20 <% foreach (Com.Tff.Carpool.Domain.SwimGroup swimGroup in practice.SwimGroups) 21 { %> 22 <%: swimGroup.Name%> 23 <% } %> 24 </td> 25 <td> 26 <%: Html.ActionLink("Edit", "Edit", new { practiceId = practice.Id })%> 27 <%: Html.ActionLink("Delete", "Delete", new { PracticeId = practice.Id })%> 28 </td> 29 </tr> 30 31 <% } %> 32  

And it comes out with the expected HTML:


Notice how the Swim Group is joined together using that secondary loop. This got me thinking, part of the reason I crated the ViewModel POCOs was to do this kind of flattening. If the UI can handle it easily, why not use EF-enabled POCOs and save the who Domain Layer step of mapping the EF Classes to the POCO ones? If all I had to worry about was the flattening of Swim Groups to practices, perhaps writing that join in the UI is better than the Domain Layer. Then I thought – NO. The domain layer should be responsible for serving objects, even if the UI can handle it. I would say that is analogous to “we can put the code in the code-behind in Web Forms.” Eventually, the code needs to be written – so I would rather have it in the Domain layer where I have exact control and can add in any custom logic. If any custom logic for the flattening happens, the UI will quickly become a morass of spaghetti. On a side note, I find writing C# is much much better than writing WebForms View Engine code – those gators drive me nuts.

Saying that, I realized I don’t need a carpool controller, I need a CarpoolSummary controller and view -> for the simple reason that Carpools don’t have PracticeSummaries – CarpoolSummaries do. Time to do some re-writing!

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