.NET Code Camp Lessons

I gave a talk at the RDU .NET Code Camp on Saturday.  This was my 1st time speaking in a forum such as this and I learned some great lessons:

    • Code samples – have them in the toolbox, ready to drag.  I wasted too much time re-typing code that was not relevant to my presentation
    • Classes that are created during the presentation – Create them and then have them ‘removed from project’.  Bring them back into the project at the appropriate time
    • Audience – When covering a topic as wide as BAD, there are going to be experts in the audience on specific issues (cruse control, TDD, etc…).  Using them to help the presentation was awesome
    • Audience (part 2) – Sometimes people volunteered information that was incorrect.  Moving past that is a ‘soft skill’ that needs some forethought
    • Don’t leave directly from your son’s football tournament if you can help it – I was cold, west, muddy, and mentally out of sorts when I started.

That’s it.  I will refine my code samples and get this presentation ready for the next group.

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