FTP Task in WF and TFS

Now that I have custom MSBuild tasks working using WF (and kicking them off using TFS), I realized that I DON”T want to use custom MSBuild tasks.  It seems easier just to put in a custom WF task as part of the bdefult build template that comes out of the box in TFS.  To that end, I created a new template and identified the step where I would put in this new workflow task (it took 5 minutes to click through this TFS WF, it is a beast!):



I then created a new project to get the FTP tasks working.  Before using WF, I thought of just creating a Console app that does what I want. I monkeyed around with the the native .NET FTP library but is stinks and then I tried FTPLibrary – which didn’t work out of the box. I then tried EditFTP and it worked great so I used that.  I created a structured program that uses the Edit FTP API to copy the contents from the build directory to the FTP site (oooh, recursion):

static FTPConnection ftpConnection = null; static string hostName = @"ftp.xxx.com"; static string userName = "xxx"; static string password = "xxx"; static string sourceLocation = @"xxx"; static string targetLocation = "xxx"; static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("Start"); ConfigureFTPConnnection(); CopyDirectoryContents(sourceLocation, targetLocation); Console.WriteLine("End"); Console.ReadKey(); } static void ConfigureFTPConnnection() { ftpConnection = new FTPConnection(); ftpConnection.UserName = userName; ftpConnection.Password = password; ftpConnection.ServerAddress = hostName; ftpConnection.Connect(); } static void CopyDirectoryContents(string sourceDirectoryName, string targetDirectoryName) { DirectoryInfo directoryInfo = new DirectoryInfo(sourceDirectoryName); ftpConnection.ChangeWorkingDirectory(targetDirectoryName); foreach (FileInfo fileInfo in directoryInfo.GetFiles()) { ftpConnection.UploadFile(fileInfo.FullName, fileInfo.Name); } foreach (DirectoryInfo subDirectoryInfo in directoryInfo.GetDirectories()) { ftpConnection.CreateDirectory(subDirectoryInfo.Name); CopyDirectoryContents(subDirectoryInfo.FullName, subDirectoryInfo.Name); } ftpConnection.ChangeWorkingDirectoryUp(); }

Pretty simple stuff – note the use of ChangingWorkingDirectoryUp to keep the current directory on the remote site synched.

I then thought about how to create a WF class that does the same thing.  To do that, I fired up a VS2010 Activity diagram.  My 1st cut was WAAY too complicated:


I refined it based on the fact that my FTP API automagically overwrites files:


Much easier.  I then created a workflow activity (with its .asmx extension).  I realized that I would simply throw a code activity on to the designer, move the procedureal code I already wrote into that activity, and call it a a day.  However, I wanted to see if I can exploit the power of WF and replicate the activity diagram using workflow tasks.  I’ll document my experiences with that attempt next week.

2 Responses to FTP Task in WF and TFS

  1. VJ says:

    Is there a sample project I can download to get a better look at the code.

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