MSTest Name Conflicts

As part of my day job, I sometimes have to present a solution with a “before” and an “after” project.  Typically, I would create a before solution folder and an after solution folder and put the two different projects in into their respective folder.  I would then flip over to the file system and move the folders around so that the physical paths match the logical paths in VS2010.  I recently created a before and after C# project and I included a test proejct to accompany each working project.  When I tried to include both test projects in the same solution (even in different solution folders), I got this:


Apparently, MSTest is run at the solution level, not the project level.  The easiest way out of the problem was to rename the test projects to match Before/After and leave them at the solution level.  Not the best, but it solved my problem in a pinch

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