Windows Phone 7 Certification

I submitted my 1st phone for certification last week.  It failed for 3 reasons:

1) Because I use the location service, I need to have a privacy policy.  I am sure some lawyers at MSFT cooked this one up – in any event since I don’t store or transmit the data my privacy policy is pretty vanilla.  I stuck it on the configuration page.  I am surprised that MSFT doesn’t look at the source code and determine if the location service is actually doing any transmission or storage.  I guess they are just doing a CYA.

2) I had some chrome in my screenshot.  It is kind of pain doing the screen shot because the GeoService does not work with the emulator so I have to rig up a faux-screen to use the snipping tool.  Oh well, I’ll do another one.

3) When the location service is disabled on the phone, the app does not handle it gracefully (it goes boom).  This is issue I am glad Microsoft caught – I didn’t know that the users can disable the location service in the settings of the phone.  I need to code around this problem by checking the status of the GeoLocationWatcher before calling any of its functions.  This issue makes me appreciate the certification process.


In any event, I plan to make these changes and release 1.1 by the end of the day.  Less blog, more code…

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