C++ to C# Port

As part of my project to put Panzer General on the Windows Phone, I need a way to parse the map files from the original game.  Unlike the scenario files or the unit data file, the files are not in ASCII:


I ran across a map editor by Frederick Chlanda  that included source code – the only hitch is that it was written in C++.  Dusting off those brain cells, I spent some time isolating the area where the map file is parsed.  Here is what the code looks like:

void __fastcall TForm4::GetTrialBtnClick(TObject *Sender) { FILE *inf; //we get the set file //read in the Mapxx.set OpenDialog1->Title="Open .set"; OpenDialog1->Filter="*.set (*.set)|*.set|All files (*.*)|*.*"; if (!OpenDialog1->Execute()) return; inf=fopen(OpenDialog1->FileName.c_str(),"rb"); //0x65 is width and 0x67 is the height fseek(inf,0x65,SEEK_SET); fread(&SmMapX,2,1,inf); fread(&SmMapY,2,1,inf); ++SmMapX; ++SmMapY; SmMapT=SmMapY*SmMapX; //load entire 123 btyes of file start fseek(inf,0,SEEK_SET); for (int x=0; x<123; ++x) fread(&(SmStartup[x]),1,1,inf); //set the pointer to start of field fseek(inf,123+5*SmMapT,SEEK_SET); for (int y=0; y<SmMapY; ++y) for (int x=0; x<SmMapX; ++x) fread(&(SmTil[x][y]),2,1,inf); //get the country info fseek(inf,123+3*SmMapX*SmMapY,SEEK_SET); for (int y=0; y<SmMapY; ++y) for (int x=0; x<SmMapX; ++x) fread(&(SmOwn[x][y]),1,1,inf); //get the gln numbers (kind or name) fseek(inf,123+0*SmMapX*SmMapY,SEEK_SET); for (int y=0; y<SmMapY; ++y) for (int x=0; x<SmMapX; ++x) fread(&(SmGln[x][y]),2,1,inf); //get the side info fseek(inf,123+4*SmMapX*SmMapY,SEEK_SET); for (int y=0; y<SmMapY; ++y) for (int x=0; x<SmMapX; ++x) fread(&(SmSide[x][y]),1,1,inf); //get the road connectivity fseek(inf,123+2*SmMapX*SmMapY,SEEK_SET); for (int y=0; y<SmMapY; ++y) for (int x=0; x<SmMapX; ++x) fread(&(SmRdc[x][y]),1,1,inf); fclose(inf); OpenDialog1->Title="Open .stm"; OpenDialog1->Filter="Mxxxx.stm (*.stm)|*.stm|All files (*.*)|*.*"; if (!OpenDialog1->Execute()) return; inf=fopen(OpenDialog1->FileName.c_str(),"rb"); for (int y=0; y<SmMapY; ++y) for (int x=0; x<SmMapX; ++x) { fread(&(SmUtr[x][y]),2,1,inf); } fclose(inf); SmShowMap(); }

I spent some digging up the conversion – the hex values sprinkled in as magic numbers, the cryptic naming conventions, the unsigned 2-byte integers that needed to be converted to C# , and my own clumbsiness with pointers and references all posed a challenge.  However, in about 2 days of semi-intermittent work on this, I got myself an adequate port:

private static void ReadMapFile() { String filePath = @"C:\Users\Jamie\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\Tff.Panzer.ParseEquipmentFile\Tff.Panzer.ParseEquipmentFile\MAP01.SET"; FileStream fileStream = File.OpenRead(filePath); BinaryReader binaryReader = new BinaryReader(fileStream); Byte[] inputData = binaryReader.ReadBytes(10000); int sizeOfMapX = Convert.ToInt32(inputData[101]); int sizeOfMapY = Convert.ToInt32(inputData[103]); int totalNumberOfHexes = (sizeOfMapX + 1) * (sizeOfMapY + 1); string rowOutput = String.Empty; string rowSql = String.Empty; short[,] TileNumbers = new short[sizeOfMapX+1, sizeOfMapY+1]; short currentTileValue = 0; int currentPosition = 123 + (5*totalNumberOfHexes); for (int y = 0; y <= sizeOfMapY; ++y) { for (int x = 0; x <= sizeOfMapX; ++x) { currentTileValue = (short)inputData[currentPosition]; currentTileValue++; TileNumbers[x, y] = currentTileValue; rowOutput += currentTileValue + "\t"; currentPosition += 2; } Console.WriteLine(rowOutput); Debug.WriteLine(rowOutput); rowOutput = String.Empty; } }

This exercise makes me appreciate C# even more.  In any event, here is the parsed output:


I then threw in some Linq to Entities statement and persisted all of the unstructured data into a local instance of SQL Server.  I am up in the air about if I want to keep all of the game data in SQL Server on the phone or push the data to XML files.  Turfing that decision, I put the 1st scenario on the phone and this is what I got:



Which is pretty close to the original game:


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