CLR Profiler: Note to Jamie – Follow These Steps

1) Open CLR Profiler – make sure you are using the 32 bit version for 32-bit apps

2) Make sure Allocations and Calls are checked in the Profile section:


3) Start the application using the Start Application button

4) Run the app for a bit

5) Press the Kill Application button to get the following screen:



6) The math is: AllocatedBytes – RelocatedBytes = FinalHeapBytes.  ReloactedBytes are the bytes that moved into the garbage collection, FinalHeapBytes are the bytes that never got garbage collected.

7) Views –> Objects By Address.  Select most frequent object.  Right Click Export data to file.  Sort by size and then look at allocated by and callled from

8) Look at the heap graph – only the GC heap and then the tree view

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