Object Oriented Software Construction && Design Patterns

I was watching some of Uncle Bob’s clean coder video casts when he mentioned this book in the ISP one:image

I picked up used copy for $5 on Amazon marketplace and dug in.  Perhaps the markup ($140 new, $.99 used) should have tipped me off that this was a text book, but I didn’t realize that until reading the first couple of paragraphs.  This is a text book, and reads like one.  There might be some good information in it, but the dense prose and concept-first organization makes it really hard to get through – and you certainly can’t skim it.  After reading the first couple of chapters, I realized that most of what he is saying is already out there in the public domain (in much more accessible form) so I put it up on the bookshelf.

Also, Uncle Bob mentioned a couple of patterns in the DI video cast: Visitor Pattern and Adapter Pattern.  I grabbed my Gof4 book Design Patterns and starting digging in. 


I quickly noticed that the way that the Gof4 present these patterns and the way Uncle Bob describes them are very different – and not in a good way.  I then stopped reading the Gof4 book and will try a couple of other resources like Pluralsite to help me here.

All in all, I didn’t really enjoy either exercise.  I am going to put The Annotated Turning back on my nightstand….

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