Web Performance Test


So I decided I wanted to learn more about the testing capabilities of VS2010 – esp. load testing a web service.  I fired up Visual Studio and created an out of the box WCF Service with the following 1 method:

public class AddingMachine : IAddingMachine
    public int GetData(int value1, int value2)
        Random random = new Random();
        Int32 delay = random.Next(15);

        return value1 + value2;

I then added a new test project using a Web Performance Test template:


I then hit record, closed IE which automatically popped up, and navigated to the service using the WCF Test Client. 


I am sure you are not surprised that nothing was recorded.  The problem is that the out of the box Web Performance Test assumes that you are calling a web site so I couldn’t just hit a recording and navigate to a webservice the same way I would navigate to a website.

Instead, I had to right click and add a new web service request.  I then changed the Url property to the service location and tried to run the test.


I then binged on Google and ran across a couple of Stack Overflow posts and this nugget on MSDN.  Apparently, I need to use Fiddler to capture the request.  I fired up Fiddler and WCF Test Client (remember the “.” after local host) and sure enough and can make the call and intercept the traffic:


I copied the entire request from Fiddler:


But I got this when I ran the test I got the same exception.  The problem is that the article assumes an .asmx web service and I am using WCF.  Digging into the article’s code sample, I realized that I needed a Header like so:


and I needed to put only the body from Fiddler into the String Body property





And green is good


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