Remote Debugging On Azure

I decided that I needed to learn a bit about remote debugging on Azure.  I know that you are supposed to use the Azure emulator to hash out your problems before hand, but I still would like the ability to debug remotely in case the need comes up.

I Googled on Bing how to do it and I ran across this article that seems to be a good place to start.  It looks like I need to upload the VS2010 remote tools to Azure as a necessary but not sufficient step.  The thing is, I have no idea how to do that.  Do I upload the tools only once to my azure account?  Is it site && project specific?  I don’t know and Binging on Google doesn’t seem to help.

I then looked at this article but it assumes that I am using a Virtual Machine and installing the MSVSMON.exe to the VM.  If that was the case, I would just install VS2010 to the VM and debug there.  So that article is of no help.

I am stuck on this line of the 1st article: “You can find the tools on Microsoft Download Center here, and then upload to your storage account using whatever Windows Azure Storage account tool of your choice. “  Going over to my Azure account, I see a “Storage” section.

So I create a new storage like so:


The illogical meter is running high.  Why should I need to install Data Services to install MSVSMON?  I can do Computer-> Cloud Service, but that us the same as creating a Cloud Service.

I decided to work in the other direction.  I created a new Azure hosted WCF Service in VS2010 like so:




and after the default template of this:


I changed Service1 name and then added a single method that returns the sum of two numbers:

public class AddingMachine : IAddingMachine
    public Int32 Add(Int32 number1, Int32 number2)
        return number1 + number2;


I then deployed his to the Azure server via Visual Studio – 1st I set up the deployment parameters



Then I added a certificate


And during the deployment I got this:


After a couple of minutes, I got the site up on Azure:


Which I assume might be the way to remote debug?  I then hit myself in the head that the Build Configuration is Release (the default) and not debug and I need the debug symbols to remote debug.  I deployed again and then I opened attach to process in Visual Studio:


I then pumped in the name of the site:



Time to go to Brian Hitney’s office hours!

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