Carolina Code Camp Prep

I am going down to Charlotte for the Carolina Code Camp this weekend.  I am presenting at two sessions:

1) Remote Control Lawnmowers (that I am building with my daughter).  I will show how to intercept and use PWM signals from a RC transmitter/receiver and how to turn those commands into the drive system of the robot.  Here is a couple of clips that we did recently:



I am also doing a code-only SOLID presentation.  This is pretty much the same presentation that I did at TRINUG’s DEV Craftsmanship SIG in February.

I am looking forward to a fun (half) day and learning some great stuff from the other hackers coders.

One Response to Carolina Code Camp Prep

  1. Anita Luthra says:

    Hi James,
    I chair the Triad Developers Gulld in Greensboro, and was wondering if you would be available to speak for us in November, preferably Thursday night, on SOLID? The presentation you did at the Code Camp?
    I can be reached at
    Phone: 336-918-6555

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