2013 TRINUG Code Camp

All of my materials for my presentations can be found here.

Here are a couple of pictures from code camp.  The Eject-A-Bed presentation:


And the F# One:



My own impression is that the eject-a-bed presentation was just OK – I had network problems so people could not see it in action.  Also, the presentation was about PWMs and servos and I should have had one slide explaining what PWMs are and one slide explaining what servos are and how to program them.  There were about 10 people in that session.

The F# presentation also was OK+ – I had 30+ people in the room and there were some great comments/questions (esp from Jim Christopher).  I think I said “I don’t know” about 4-5 times over the hour and a half – which is better than trying to BS something.  At the end, 3 people said they were interested in doing a F#/Analytics SIG at TRINUG so perhaps we can get some critical mass going.

Finally, Lobbyguard was a sponsor so we had a kiosk in the lobby doing sign ins.  When the conference was over, I took the registrations and compared it to the people who signed into the kiosk.  Appx 50% of the registered people showed up.  There does not appear to be any correlation between when a person signed up and if they attended.




Also, here is the registrations by time (rounded to the nearest 15 minutes)


(The keynote started at 8AM and the 1st session was at 9AM)

Note that 60% of attendees where here by the keynote and 93% of our attendees where here by the 1st session.  We shut the kiosk down at 10:30 so there might have been some stragglers after that.  There are 2 possible action items coming out of this:

1) Should TRINUG start the code camp later so that more people attend the keynote (or put the keynote in the middle/end of the day)?

2) What should TRINUG do to increase the attended/registered ratio?  There was lots of food left over – which is a waste.  If you have an idea, just shoot me an email (jamie@tenfingersfree.com) or leave it on this blog.

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