F# Record Types with SqlProvider Code-Last

As I talked about last week, I was looking at different ways of using the Entity Framework type provider to map to my domain model.  While I was working on the process,  Ross McKinley saw some of my whining on Twitter and suggested that I take a look at SqlProvider.


He made a good case to use this type provider over entity framework.  Specifically:

  • There is no code bloat/file bloat/code-gen issues that you get with EF
  • It targets Sql Server like EF, but also can handle Oracle, Postgres, MySql, and other RDBMS
  • It has had a update in the last year

So that was a good enough reason to take a look.  The project site is a bit lacking in terms of examples but between what is on GitHub and on Ross’s blog, you can get a pretty good idea of how to accomplish basic crud tasks.  I was interested in how well it handles nested types and F# choice types.  I fired up Visual Studio and installed it from nuget.

I then created the same domain types I was working with earlier –> note the Choice type for gender.

1 #r "../packages/SQLProvider.0.0.9-alpha/lib/net40/FSharp.Data.SqlProvider.dll" 2 3 open System.Linq 4 open FSharp.Data.Sql 5 open System.Security.Principal 6 7 type sqlSchema = SqlDataProvider< 8 ConnectionString = @"Server=.;Database=FamilyDomain;Trusted_Connection=True;", 9 UseOptionTypes = true > 10 11 let context = sqlSchema.GetDataContext() 12 13 //Local Idomatic Types 14 type Gender = Male | Female 15 [<CLIMutable>] 16 type Pet = {Id:int; ChildId:int; GivenName:string} 17 [<CLIMutable>] 18 type Child = {Id:int; FirstName:string; Gender:Gender; Grade:int; Pets: Pet list} 19 [<CLIMutable>] 20 type Address = {Id:int; State:string; County:string; City:string} 21 [<CLIMutable>] 22 type Parent = {Id:int; FirstName:string} 23 [<CLIMutable>] 24 type Family = {Id:int; LastName:string; Parents:Parent list; Children: Child list; Address:Address} 25 26

I then added in the same code that I used for the Entity Framework Type Provider, made some changes (like you get subtypes via querying the foreign key and I am not using Linq to query the data store

1 let MapPet(efPet: entity.dataContext.``[dbo].[Pet]Entity``) = 2 {Id=efPet.Id; ChildId=efPet.ChildId; GivenName=efPet.GivenName} 3 4 let MapGender(efGender) = 5 match efGender with 6 | "Male" -> Male 7 | _ -> Female 8 9 let MapChild(efChild: entity.dataContext.``[dbo].[Child]Entity``) = 10 let pets = efChild.fk_Pet_Child |> Seq.map(fun p -> MapPet(p)) 11 |> Seq.toList 12 {Id=efChild.Id; FirstName=efChild.FirstName; 13 Gender=MapGender(efChild.Gender); 14 Grade=efChild.Grade;Pets=pets} 15 16 let GetPet(id: int)= 17 context.``[dbo].[Pet]`` 18 |> Seq.where(fun p -> p.Id = id) 19 |> Seq.head 20 |> MapPet 21 22 let GetChild(id: int)= 23 context.``[dbo].[Child]`` 24 |> Seq.where(fun c -> c.Id = id) 25 |> Seq.head 26 |> MapChild 27 28 let myPet = GetPet(1) 29 30 let myChild = GetChild(1)


And then I added some code to insert a new pet

1 let SavePet(pet: Pet)= 2 let ssPet = context.``[dbo].[Pet]``.Create() 3 ssPet.ChildId <- pet.ChildId 4 ssPet.GivenName <- pet.GivenName 5 context.SubmitUpdates() 6 7 let newPet = {Id=0;ChildId=1;GivenName="Kiss"} 8 SavePet(newPet) 9 10 let failurePet = {Id=0;ChildId=0;GivenName="Should Fail"} 11 SavePet(failurePet)

And pow on the expected happy path


and pow pow on the expected exception

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "fk_Pet_Child". The conflict occurred in database "FamilyDomain", table "dbo.Child", column ‘Id’.

The statement has been terminated.

   at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.OnError(SqlException exception, Boolean breakConnection, Action`1 wrapCloseInAction)

So this is pretty cool.  But then it got better, I showed some of this code to Ross and he told me I was doing everything wrong.  Basically, I need to think about the get code less imperative linq and more like computed expressions.  The biggest downside to how I wrote the gets is that the TP would pull all of the records from the database locally before filtering them.  So going back to the documentation, I changed the getPet functional to this

1 let GetPet(id: int)= 2 query {for p in context.``[dbo].[Pet]`` do 3 where (p.Id = id) 4 select {Id=p.Id; ChildId=p.ChildId; GivenName=p.GivenName}} 5 |> Seq.head 6

And it still works


The nice thing is that I no longer need the mapPet function as the project happens in the select clause.  So this is pretty cool and very powerful.  Time to learn some more query syntax!

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