Code Access Security Analogy

I am a big fan of using analogies to make a complex topic more accessible.  I was working though Microsoft .NET Framework Application Development Foundation by Tony Northrup when I came on a great analogy in his chapter on Code Access Security.  He used an example of a party that you are hosting (your method), a bouncer you have hired (.NET Framework Runtime),  4 guests you have invited (calling assemblies), and the invitation(s) you printed (the CAS permission of choice).  I had an a-ha moment with LinkedDemand and Demand.  I don’t use CAS on a day-to-day basis so I am not as familiar with the API – this will be a focus of my studies for my next exam (70-568 at the end of this month).

On another topic, I am reading The Pragmatic Programmer for light reading.  I think it is a great book.  I may not agree with some of their sections about coding, but their sections about personal development and programming ethos is spot on.

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