Clean Code and Unit Testing

I am studying hard for my 70-568 exam at the end of the month so I have not dived deeper into development.  I did read Martin’s Clean Code over the last week and I found myself nodding in agreement more often than not.   I’ll never look at code comments the same way again.


I also started The Art of Unit Testing by Osherove.  I assumed that there were different levels of Unit Testing – good enough, good, and great.  However, Osherove doesn’t define it like that – he maintains that Unit Testing is a progression to Stubbing and Mocking.  If so, you need to refactor all of your code to include Interfaces and Dependency Injection and then use a Mocking Framework.  In short, there is no way to Unit Test an existing project that wasn’t set up for Testing in the 1st place. 


I think this is where dogma meets progma (my word, use it at your peril)  – I know many projects that would benefit from basic testing (Unit, Regression, Integration or a combo/bastardization of all three) but to refactor the code to support IoC and Mocking is not viable.  I know that Unit Testing is still in its infancy so I wonder if additional patterns will develop to support testing that defies traditional definitions.

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