Martin redux

Speaking of Martin, I put together a list of highlights from his book Clean Code.

Following Kent’s 4 Rules of Design

1.       Run all of the tests

2.       Contain no duplication

3.       Express the intent of the programmer

4.       Minimize the number of classes and methods

(interestingly, #3 and #4 are often at odds.  As Martin says “ High class and method counts are sometimes the result of pointless dogmatism” (page 176)).

Writing code is an iterative process.  There are several catch-phrases you can use to reinforce that point:

1.       You need to write dirty code to get clean code

2.       Red light/green light/refactor

3.       Make it work, then make it right

4.       Refactor often, even working code

The reason it is iterative is because you will not get it right the 1st time and you need to keep refactoring to move towards the single responsibility principle, etc… 

Readable code is a must – because the average developer spends 10 times as much time reading his/her own code when writing a new line.  I am sure that number is higher when it is someone else’s code (or their own code 1 year later).  Now I see why everyone wants to work on new projects – less code to read.

Code should be so readable that you don’t need comments.  It is not ok to write a good comment to explain bad code – fix the code!

Finally, in his Smells and Heuristics section, I found many of the things that I have done that kicked off a spidy-sense warning but until now, I have realized why:

·         Obsolete Comments

·         Commented Out Code

·         Too Many Arguments

·         Dead Function/Code

·         Prefer Polymorphism to If/Else or Switch/Case

·         Functions Should Do 1 Thing

·         Functions Should Descend Only 1 Level Of Abstraction


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