CI and MVC

I have been getting up a nights a lot lately b/c of some diabetes issues – so I have not been coding in the AM too much.  I did finish Continuous Integration over the weekend
I liked the read and some really good pointers.  I am going to install CruseControl (but no lava lamp) on the swim team server soon.
Speaking of which, I did 2 things for the site recently.  First, I implemented Blog Engine into the site.  It was "fairly" painless.  The biggest lesson learned is that BE only works as a Website.  When I tried to put it as a subdirectory in my web project, things fell apart – there are too many absolute paths, config changes, and the like.  After about 4 hours, I gave up on the conversion and just gave it its own subdomain.
In addition, I also started implementing the Volunteer section in the site.  The biggest issue (so far) with MVC was routing – I spent a bunch of time with a 404 error to come to find out that the routing tables were too specific.  A word to the wise, check the convention of the Controller and then check the routes for all 404 errors.
Finally, did you see the redirect header on this Blog? 
I see FakeHandlerPage.aspx.  Really Microsoft?  You couldn’t come up with something better in the age of XSS? 

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