JQuery and Caching

I ran into a problem this morning that is turning into something that is more than a little annoying.  I am cooking up some JQuery to allow drag and drop between two data tables.  Building slowly, I wrote the following JQuery: 


    <script type="text/javascript">

        $(function() {







I then added an additional qualifier on the source table to only select the data rows

$("#sourceTable tr:gt(1)").draggable();

The problem is that it is not working.  Any other qualifier than TR does work – which makes no sense.

I then took these methods and put them into a seperate file.  I first tested with an alert – which worked fine

function jamie() {

    alert("setupDragDrop called");


However, once I renamed the target function to something more meaningful, it failed

function setupDragDrop() {

    alert("setupDragDrop called");


And the reason why is that I had a function with the same name (but different signature) created earlier.  The kicker is that the original function is commented out – but the browser is still calling it. 

I recompiled the solution and stopped the instance of Cassani running, to no avail.  I am wondering if I have to clear my IE cache.  If so, this is nutz.  There is no way I should need to go though all of those steps just to update a java script file.

–As an update, I noticed that the relative path in debugging mode was localhost\scripts\JQueryExtender.js.  I deleted all of the debugging symbols out of the /bin folder (both working and test) and it stuck.  I wonder why the debug symbols were not getting updated even when I recompiled…



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