MS Build: Part 1

I was hoping that TFS2010 has a “publish website” wizard that Visual Studio 2010 has using FTP. 



Alas, they do not.  There is some community tasks, but I thought I could use the exercise to dive into MSBuild and perhaps Workflow Foundation.

My first stop was this MSDN article. I altered the .csproj file with the HelloWorld Target and Message. I found a couple of things.

The article is wrong – it tells you to run msbuild helloworld.csproj /t:helloworld but the name of the project is BuildApp. The correct commandline syntax is msbuild BuildApp.csproj /t:helloworld

When I ran msbuild the 1st time, I got this error:


The reason was back in my csproj file:

<Target Name="Hello World">

Should by:

<Target Name="HelloWorld">

Once I did that:


Pop goes the firecracker….

On a related note, I entered in the error to MSDN – I wonder how fast they will take to fix it?

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