My First Build

I set up a new build

Hit the General Tab:


Updated the Trigger:


Change the workspace from the main branch to the release one:


Put in a build target on my local file system:


And then finally specified the items to build:


I then opened my Release project and changed the configuration to Release:


I clicked on Build Solution and nothing happened -> good.

I then checked in the Project and nothing happened -> bad.

I went to the Build Explorer and clicked on “Queue Build” and selected the build that I just created. Luckily, the build tried to run and it failed:


And the error was that the folder didn’t exist:


And this is the reason why:


Changing the permission to the folder for everyone to get full control -> and it is still not working.

I then Binged the error code: TFS Build Failed to create directory. Details: The network name cannot be found.

I gave up and stopped trying to write to that file and pointed to \\DIXON08\Users\Public\Builds and made some progress.

I ran across this error next: The build controller Default Controller – dixon08 does not contain an enabled build agent with name * and no tags.

I then went to TFS Admin Console – yup, no build agent (I must have deleted it when I was getting rid of the project groups). I added an agent:


And Boom goes the dynamite:




I then added a project alert for the build (team-> project alerts):


Now, I need to move the build onto our production server, perhaps like this.

Now, I want to ftp my build out to winhost.

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